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Our unique collection of modern desk lamps will add style to your workspace while brightening your room. We offer contemporary metal task lights available in chrome, stainless steel, classic black or even bright vibrant colors.  We offer a contemporary twist on the classic banker's lamp alongside sleek ultra modern LED task lamps. All of our contemporary desk lamps feature adjustable head angles or heights to make working more productive and enjoyable.

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Saunders Modern LED Desk Lamp
saunders led desk lamp
Price: $99.00

Garland Modern LED Desk Lamp
garland led desk lamp
more colors Price: $79.00

Elliot Modern LED Desk Lamp
elliot led desk lamp
LED panel Price: $169.00

Logan Modern LED Desk Lamp
logan led desk lamp
more colors Price: $69.00

Kane Modern LED Touch Desk Lamp
kane led desk lamp
touch switch Price: $209.00

Stanley LED Desk Lamp
stanley led desk lamp
bronze Price: $99.00

grant modern led desk lamp
grant led desk lamp
more colors Price: $49.00

Vaasa LED Desk Lamp
vaasa led desk lamp
Price: $159.00

Ennis Mini LED Desk Lamp
ennis mini led desk lamp
Price: $99.00

Avila LED Desk Lamp
avila led desk lamp
more colors Price: $89.00

Portsmouth LED Desk Lamp
portsmouth led desk lamp
black Price: $89.00

Shipley LED Desk Lamp
shipley led desk lamp
satin steel Price: $99.00

tasso led lamp
tasso led desk lamp
Price: $109.00

atomic truffle led table lamp
atomic truffle led desk lamp
more colors Price: $89.00

Saber LED Desk Lamp
saber led desk lamp
more colors Price: $169.00

Esquire LED Desk Lamp
esquire led desk lamp
Price: $129.00

Draper Desk Lamp
draper desk lamp
Price: $99.00

larissa desk lamp
larissa lamp
more colors Price: $69.00

Yo-Yo Desk Lamp
yo-yo desk lamp
more finishes Price: $129.00

Vala Desk Lamp
vala desk lamp
Price: $69.00

Technic Table Lamp
technic table lamp
brushed steel Price: $149.00

reach modern desk lamp
reach desk lamp
satin steel or black Price: $349.00

Products 1-24 of 24