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Products 1-100 of 323

All Modern Guest Chairs

Shop our wide selection of modern guest chairs and conference chairs. They're perfect for the boardroom, the lunch room or opposite an executive desk to accommodate visitors or quick meetings.

What Are Guest Chairs?

Lacking the rolling castor base and lift capabilities of most office chairs, our guest and visitor chairs are comfortable, yet compact and often placed in sets of two. They are available in unique walnut wood, sleek, modern plastic or wire mesh and plush upholstery such as leather and leatherette. Our unique collection ensures that we have something ideally suited for any modern office space.

Our Trade Discount Program

If you're an interior designer, architect, specifier, or other accredited design professional, be sure to apply for our Trade Discount Program. We work with the trade regularly and are happy to hunt items down and offer trade and quantity discounts - just let us know how we can help.

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