Modern Wall Shelves

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Bailey Modern Wall Shelves in Espresso
More Sizes + Colors
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Conceal Book Shelf
Powder-Coated Steel
Price: $19.99
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Efficient Storage

Wall shelves are extremely efficient for creating storage space because they do not take up any floor space. They can add significant storage without sacrificing a place for other furniture.

Extend Your Style to the Wall

Use a modern wall shelf to keep your space organized while complementing your home or office's contemporary design. They are a great opportunity to extend the motif of your interior design to your walls without using conventional wall art.

Shopping For Wall Shelves

While wall shelves save you floor space, they still take up room. Be mindful of the depth of the wall shelf you are considering, and picture an object of that depth protruding from the wall at the spot you plan on placing it. Will you hit your head or your shoulder while you walk by that spot if you hang the wall shelves there? Also, wall shelves often require screwing directly into wall studs. You need to understand the placement and spacing of the studs inside your wall and make sure that the place you want to put your new wall shelves has studs to hold up the shelves. If that place is near a wall socket or switch, you should also be aware of the wiring within your wall so that you don't nail or screw into it - in the case that whoever built and wired the wall forgot to install nail guards.

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