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Looking for a compact, unique, modern sleeper sofa that not only looks great, but can provide additional sleeping space when guests arrive? Look no further than the selection of modern sofa beds from eurway.com. Our range of modern futon-style sofa sleepers easily convert from seating to sleeping, while maintaining a modern aesthetic not often found with other clunky sleeper sofas. We offer many different styles, most with a handful of different fabric options, that blend nicely into any modern living area, study or dual purpose guest bedroom.

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Andorra Modern Sofa in Cream Vinyl
Andorra Sleeper Sofa
Cream or Blue Grey Price: $599.00

cassius deluxe sofa sleeper in camel
Cassius Deluxe Camel Sofa Sleeper
Camel + Chrome
$1,999.00 Sale
Price: $1,679.00

cassius deluxe excess sleeper sofa
Cassius Deluxe Excess Sleeper
Classic Medium Gray Price: $2,699.00

Cassius Deluxe Black Modern Sofa Sleeper
Cassius Deluxe Sofa Sleeper
Black or White Price: $2,239.00

cassius sleek excess sleeper sofa in olive
Cassius Sleek Excess Sleeper Sofa
Begum Olive + Chrome Price: $2,999.00

cassius sleek sleeper sofa
Cassius Sleek Sleeper Sofa
More Colors Available
$1,999.00 Sale
Price: $1,569.00

cubed deluxe sleeper sofa
Cubed Deluxe Black Sofa Sleeper
Black Leatherette Price: $1,819.00

Ericka Modern Sleeper Sofa
Ericka Sofa Sleeper
More Colors Available Price: $839.00

Jacobsen Modern Sleeper Chair
Jacobsen Sleeper Chair
Black + Chrome Price: $549.00

Jacobsen Modern Sleeper Sofa
Jacobsen Sleeper Sofa
Black + Chrome Price: $949.00

Jorgensen Modern Sofa Sleeper
Jorgensen Sofa Sleeper
Beige Fabric Price: $1,299.00

long horn deluxe excess sleeper sofa
Long Horn Deluxe Excess Sofa Sleeper
Dark Grey Fabric Price: $1,999.00

mannheim sleeper sofa
Mannheim Sofa Sleeper
More Colors Available Price: $1,059.00

sly deluxe sofa sleeper
Sly Deluxe Sofa Sleeper
Light Gray + Chrome
$1,359.00 Sale
Price: $1,069.00

Splitback Modern Sofa Sleeper
Splitback Sofa Sleeper
More Colors Available Price: $1,239.00

Splitback Modern Sofa Sleeper with Arms
Splitback Sofa Sleeper with Arms
More Colors Available Price: $1,589.00

supremax deluxe excess sleeper sofa
Supremax Deluxe Excess Sofa Sleeper
Brown Fabric + Chrome Price: $1,899.00

Svalbard Modern Sleeper Sofa
Svalbard Sleeper Sofa
Black Leatherette Price: $479.00

Unfurl Modern Sofa Sleeper
Unfurl Sofa Sleeper
Natural or Brown Price: $1,239.00

wing deluxe sofa sleeper in basic orange
Wing Sofa Sleeper
Orange or Blue
$1,149.00 Sale
Price: $839.00

wing modern white sofa sleeper
Wing White Sofa Sleeper
White + Stainless Steel Price: $1,249.00

zeal deluxe daybed in basic gravel
Zeal Deluxe Daybed
More Colors Available Price: $879.00

Products 1-22 of 22