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Browse our wide selection of modern table lamps with styles ranging from sleek and minimal to classic transitional lighting in an exciting array of materials. You'll find warm espresso wood lamps, modern chrome and stainless steel bases with shades crafted from frosted glass, linen and paper. We offer contemporary table lighting in all shapes, sizes and colors and are sure to have something unique to illuminate your modern living room, bedroom or office.

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Sedo Modern Table Lantern
sedo table lantern
walnut + cork Price: $79.00

Sedo Modern Table Lamp
sedo table lamp
walnut + cork Price: $79.00

Sully Modern Table Lamp
sully table lamp
satin steel + white Price: $169.00

Trevino Modern Table Lamp
trevino table lamp
more colors Price: $69.00

Ezra Modern Table Lamp
ezra table lamp
more colors Price: $149.00

Gentry Modern Table Lamp
gentry table lamp
polished steel Price: $99.00

Cornell Modern Table Lamp
cornell table lamp
polished steel + walnut wood Price: $159.00

Finley Modern Table Lamp
finley table lamp
chrome + walnut wood Price: $169.00

Iverson Modern Table Lamp
iverson table lamp
polished steel Price: $139.00

Rawlins Modern Table Lamp
rawlins table lamp
chrome Price: $149.00

Ogden Modern LED Table Lamp
ogden led table lamp
chrome + acrylic Price: $219.00

Erwin Modern Table Lamp
erwin table lamp
polished steel Price: $129.00

Hopkins Modern Table Lamp
hopkins table lamp
polished steel Price: $129.00

Reeves Modern Table Lamp
reeves table lamp
dark walnut Price: $119.00

Patel Modern Table Lamp
patel table lamp
more colors Price: $119.00

Jensen Modern Table Lamp
jensen table lamp
black wood + chrome Price: $199.00

Fitz Modern Table Lamp
fitz table lamp
ceramic Price: $99.00

Kinsler Modern Table Lamp
kinsler table lamp
more colors Price: $119.00

Perkins Modern Table Lamp
perkins table lamp
chrome + white Price: $89.00

Driscoll Modern Table Lamp
driscoll table lamp
white ceramic Price: $89.00

Olsen Modern Table Lamp
olsen table lamp
chrome Price: $119.00

Kirby Modern Table Lamp
kirby table lamp
more colors Price: $49.00

Kimble Modern Table Lamp
kimble table lamp
more colors Price: $49.00

Evans Modern Table Lamp
evans table lamp
polished steel + walnut wood Price: $179.00

Nolan Modern Table Lamp
nolan table lamp
polished steel + espresso wood Price: $179.00

Thames Modern Table Lamp
thames table lamp
polished steel + espresso wood Price: $159.00

Mercer Modern Table Lamp
mercer table lamp
polished steel + black wood Price: $159.00

Barton Modern Table Lamp
barton table lamp
polished steel + off-white Price: $179.00

Lacroix Modern Table Lamp
lacroix table lamp
polished steel + bamboo Price: $139.00

Jordan Modern Table Lamp
jordan table lamp
chrome + off-white Price: $199.00

Fisher Modern Table Lamp
fisher table lamp
with LED reading light Price: $199.00

Magnetic LED Reading Lamp Set
magnetic led lamp (set of 2)
magnetic + led Price: $169.00

Newark Modern Table Lamp in Aqua
newark table lamp
more colors Price: $119.00

Kesgrave Modern Table Lamp
kesgrave table lamp
more colors Price: $189.00

Norway Modern Table Lamp
norway table lamp
walnut + white Price: $49.00

Leyland Modern Table Lamp
leyland table lamp
chrome Price: $159.00

Newport Modern Table Lamp
newport table lamp
polished steel Price: $199.00

Thorton Modern Table Lamp
thorton table lamp
polished steel Price: $199.00

Talbot Modern Table Lamp
talbot table lamp
aluminum + chrome Price: $99.00

Kingston Modern Table Lamp
kingston table lamp
chrome + acrylic Price: $199.00

Melanie Modern Table Lamp
melanie table lamp
chrome Price: $159.00

Bradley Chrome Table Lamp
bradley table lamp
chrome Price: $189.00

Cork Table Lamp
cork table lamp
natural cork Price: $189.00

Denise Glass Table Lamp
denise table lamp
clear glass Price: $129.00

Ashley Graphite Glass Table Lamp
ashley table lamp
graphite glass
$199.00 sale
Price: $175.00

Carolyn Glass Table Lamp
carolyn table lamp
glass + brushed steel
$199.00 sale
Price: $175.00

Falkirk Brushed Steel Modern Table Lamp
falkirk table lamp
more finishes Price: $149.00

Oxford Contemporary Table Lamp
oxford table lamp
chrome finish Price: $169.00

Jette Table Lamp
jette table lamp
Price: $109.00

Sofia Contemporary Table Lamp
sofia table lamp
Price: $149.00

Pinto Table Lamp
pinto table lamp
Price: $189.00

Woopsy Table Lamp
woopsy table lamp
more colors Price: $29.00

float modern table lamp
float table lamp
Price: $199.00

Goblet Modern Table Lamp
goblet table lamp
Price: $239.00

conceal modern table lamp
conceal table lamp
Price: $219.00

triflex led table lamp
triflex led table lamp
Price: $139.00

shell table lamp
shell table lamp
more colors Price: $79.00

medusa table lamp
medusa table lamp
brushed metal Price: $79.00

icicle table lamp
icicle table lamp
Price: $89.00

genie lamp
genie touch lamp
more colors Price: $38.00

fotia table lamp
fotia table lamp
Price: $48.00

Wishbone Table Lamp
wishbone table lamp
Price: $129.00

Venus Spiral Table Lamp
venus spiral table lamp
Price: $129.00

Stix Table Lantern
stix table lantern
Price: $79.00

Shimmy Table Lamp
shimmy table lamp
Price: $149.00

Rhythm Table Lamp
rhythm table lamp
Price: $89.00

Middleton Table Lantern
middleton table lantern
Price: $79.00

Maui Table Lamp
maui table lamp
Price: $79.00

Hollywood Table Lamp
hollywood table lamp
Price: $79.00

Geneva Table Lamp
geneva table lamp
Price: $99.00

Dune Table Lamp
dune table lamp
Price: $49.00

Duet Table Lamp
duet table lamp
Price: $99.00

Draper Desk Lamp
draper desk lamp
Price: $99.00

Boulevard Table Lamp
boulevard table lamp
Price: $99.00

Bella Table Lamp
bella table lamp
more colors Price: $79.00

Architect Table Lamp
architect table lamp
Price: $129.00

electro modern table lamp
electro table lamp
Price: $139.00

Velia Table Lamp
velia table lamp
$159.00 sale Price: $145.00

universe table lamp
universe table lamp
Price: $289.00

sphere modern table lamp
sphere table lamp
Price: $239.00

Spotlight Table Lamp
spotlight table lamp
Price: $89.00

Spot Accent Lamp
spot accent lamp
more colors Price: $39.99

Soho Table Lamp
soho table lamp
$69.00 sale Price: $59.00

Rectangular Table Lamp
rectangular table lamp
more sizes Price: $149.00

galaxy modern table lamp
galaxy table lamp
Price: $199.00

Niche Table Lamp
niche table lamp
Price: $119.00

Moderna Table Lamp
moderna table lamp
$89.00 sale Price: $79.00

Lepon Table Lamp
lepon table lamp
more colors
$79.00 sale
Price: $69.00

Hurricane Table Lamp
hurricane table lamp
Price: $189.00

prism modern table lamp
prism table lamp
Price: $229.00

Element Touch Table Lamp
element touch table lamp
touch on/off Price: $99.00

Doeli Touch Table Lamp
doeli touch table lamp
$79.00 sale Price: $69.00

Director Table Lamp
director table lamp
Price: $119.00

space modern table lamp
space table lamp
more colors Price: $119.00

Charisma Table Lamp
charisma table lamp
polished steel Price: $149.00

Bandeau Table Lamp
bandeau table lamp
Price: $119.00

Ashanti Table Lamp
ashanti table lamp
more colors Price: $99.00

Products 1-97 of 97