Modern Tabletop Accessories

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Products 1-9 of 9

Take It Up A Notch

Take a table top to new heights with our modern vases, modern bowls, and modern frames. An easy way to keep your space interesting is by changing out your accessories seasonally or even monthly.

Cool Without Clutter

One thing that binds almost all modern themed interiors together is their disdain for clutter. It would seem counter-intuitive to add too many table top accessories to a modern interior, but we offer these curated selections in hopes that they will be important focal points within your interior. Adding a modern table top accessory to your entry way console table, for example, can fulfill the potential for opportunity that your entry way has to greet your guests and introduce yourself and your home to them.

Blend In Or Make A Statement

Like other smaller furniture accessories, table top accessories play a role within a dialectic range of blending in or standing out. This should be one of your first considerations when picking table top accessories - do you want it to stand out or blend in?

Size And Scale

Although it is an easy thing to overlook, shopping online for tabletop accessories can be confusing regarding scale. Check the dimensions of the item you are considering, then use a placeholder where you want to put the accessory to make sure it is going to fit in, scale wise, with the rest of your design scheme.

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