Designer's Dining Table Picks

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My favorite dining tables from our collection

Dining tables are almost always the center-pieces of the rooms they inhabit. They are the furniture around which we gather as families for holiday dinners and social events. Dining tables are an extension of our personalities in that are put on display in some of the peak moments of our years. Making an investment in your dining table is tantamount to making an investment in yourself, your family and your friends.

Dining tables can have a formal presence or a fun one. They can call to mind high cultural discussions or impromptu poker games. Some can expand to seat more guests. Some span long lengths in banquet halls, others are circles around which seniors sit for games of Mahjongg. Whatever the context, however they are used, dining tables become important parts of our lives. They can blend into the background noise of our daily routines as we grow accustomed to their presence, but they thrust themselves to the fore as soon as there is not enough room for all your guests or a leaf goes missing - in other words - until something goes wrong.

Personally, I like self-contained extension tables with glass tops and pedestal bases (like the Ping Extension Table above) so I was tempted to fill this blog with only those. In the end, I tried to be a bit more varied than that. Check out my favorites below, and find our entire collection here.

Shannah White Indoor + Outdoor Modern Dining Table

Shannah Dining Table


The Shannah White Dining Table is a beautiful table with a pure form and finishes. This modern dining table features a polyethylene frame molded with rotational technology for a beautiful form, finish and durability. It has a high pressure laminate top and is suitable for outdoor use. It seats up to 6 guests extremely comfortably. I love its versatility, finishes, sleek form and unique angles at the base.

Simpson Modern Dining Table

Simpson Extension Table


The Simpson Extension Table Features a unique z-shaped polished stainless steel base, capped by a clear 1/2" thick tempered glass top. A glass extension on one end is stored neatly underneath when extra space is not needed. Its sleek finishes and form make it a stand out design.

Satomi Modern Dining Table

Satomi Dining Table


The Satomi Dining Table has a light and airy design with high quality finishes and interesting angles. This modern dining table features a solid wood walnut finish base, black metal bracing, a white lacquered MDF top, and comfortably seats up to 4 guests. It has a mid-century modern feel with a nice mix of materials. The metal braces add to the look.

Ping Modern Extension Table

Ping Extension Table


The Ping Extension Table is an architecturally inspired dining table with appealing proportions and exposed connections. This contemporary dining table has a 1/2" clear tempered glass, extending top that is mounted on aluminum plates and supported by a natural walnut base. The result is an elegant, graceful dining table that also works great as a conference table.

Parker Modern Extension Table

Parker Extension Table


The Parker Extension Table features a stainless steel pedestal base supporting a white lacquered MDF top frame and two white tempered glass tops. A white lacquered extension stores neatly below the glass and flips, via two parts, into place when more space is needed. It's materials are beautiful and its form has great proportions and angles.

Dugan Modern Extension Table

Dugan Extension Table


The Dugan Extension Table is another architecturally inspired dining table with a nice mix of materials and exposed connections. This contemporary dining table has a 1/2" clear tempered glass, extending top that is mounted on aluminum plates and supported by a natural walnut base. The Dugan Extension Table has self contained extendability, along with tons of style.

Calogera Modern Dining Table

Calogera Dining Table


The Calogera Dining Table is a unique, material rich contemporary piece. This modern dining table features a tempered clear glass top, a recycled teak wood collage style sub-top, a brushed steel base and comfortably seats up to 6 guests. The Calogera Dining Table's rich and beautiful patchwork style sub top makes it a stand out piece of furniture that will catch the attention of your guests and become a conversation piece.
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