The Gift of Style

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It’s the time of year for gift giving. Give your friends and family the gift of style with one of our accessories and make this year’s holiday season one to remember.

The Ricardo Sculpture is a hand made buffed aluminum sculpture perfect for anyone with an empty spot on their entry way console that needs some spicing up.

The Ferris Rug is a modern themed rug that will add a ton of color to the space it inhabits. Have a friend with a seriously boring apartment? Give them the gift of color with the Ferris Rug.

Bright accents are in style, as well as rich textures. Cover both with the Pebble Chamois Pillow and be a hero this holiday season.

Have a friend who is always late? Give a cool gift and a not so subtle hint with the Elapse Wall Clock. It will look great on the wall as well.

The Wexford Magazine rack will make a great gift for that friend who can’t seem to keep his reading materials from turning into a giant pile of bent up pages and last year’s reads. Style and organization – two great gifts rolled into one.

Do you have wine enthusiasts in your life? They will love the Buddy Cork Screw. It’s like a small friend who does a little dance to get your wine open.

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