Looking Toward 2016

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2016 is almost here, and with it, new design trends.

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time once again to look into the crystal ball and predict what will come into style next year. No matter where the tide takes us in 2016, we'll be here staying up to date on current trends and offering the best products at the best value to keep you and your clients ahead of the curve. Here are my top 5 most likely to come to fruition 2016 design trends.

1. Handmade / Artisanal

With etsy staying strong within the gig economy, coupled with the fact that handmade imperfection goes in and out of style with some regularity, it seems 2016 could be a big year for handmade accents and furniture. Eurway.com has you covered with these hand made items from our collection.

The Lugarno Trays are stylish handmade black aluminum tabletop accessories.

The Saucedo Bowl is a handmade tabletop accessory with a unique shape.

The Vandyke Chair is a handmade, modern lounge chair with tons of style.

2. Complementing Organic and Geometric Elements

There is a decision people make between “organic” and “geometric” when they are choosing what style of interior they want to pursue. As we move into 2016, more and more people are finding that a balance between geometric and organic can accomplish some beautiful compositions and their complementary nature can add some drama and energy to a space. Here are some items on eurway.com from each side of the spectrum that could go into a balanced “organic-geometric” approach.

The Tangent Counter Stool uses curves, fillets and chamfers to achieve an organic feel.

The Cecilia Chest uses curved face Mindy wood to achieve an organic feel.

The Sparta Walnut Side Table balances organic and geometric for an attractive and unique accent table.

The Yale Desk has a supremely geometric shape mixed with a walnut stained beech veneer finish that gives it a nice balancing touch of organic.

3. Rich Textures

Like everything else, texture styles ebb and flow. The current climate suggests that textures will get richer and earthier this year – i.e. highly varied walnut, zebrano, sack cloth, burlap and concrete finishes. Here are some items from eurway.com with a rich sense of texture.

The Branson Table Lamp has a burlap drum shade with a rich texture.

The Brooks Bar Stool has a gray fabric finish with a nice textural quality.

The Hillard Lateral File has a walnut melamine finish with high color variation and a rich visual texture.

The Rome Outdoor Dining Chair has a woven brown rattan finish that gives it a nice texture.

4. Warm Colored Metals

This trend was supposed to arrive this year but didn’t come on as strong as predicted, so we are going to put it back in the queue for 2016. Metal finishes like brass, bronze and gold are going to grow more popular this year. Here are some items from eurway.com that feature warm metals.

The Maui Arc Lamp has a base, column and armature of antique bronze.

The Loris Accent Table has a warm satin bronze base.

The Silvio Accent Table has a frame of warm oil rubbed bronze.

The Cadiz Desk Lamp has warm antique brass accents.

5. Bright Accents

Brightly colored accents can be a nice touch and call attention to quality details by visually emphasizing them. They can also bring some interest to an otherwise boring design or balance out an overly muted color scheme. Here are some examples of brightly colored furniture, or furniture with brightly colored details, from eurway.com.

The Orange Oh Chair will bring vibrant color to your dining room.

The Stockholm Bookcase has glossy yellow cubbies to accent its ash veneer frame.

The Ellington Yellow Desk has a bright yellow base and edge band.

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