New Designs, Cool Materials

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New Designs With Cool, Interesting Materials Now Available at has new, cool, contemporary designs available with interesting and beautiful materials.

Materials Make the Difference

The materials which make up a furniture design should help dictate the course of the design. Furniture pieces with rich and interesting material choices often distinguish themselves by having simple forms and elegant connections while allowing the materials to speak for themselves and display their inherent beauty. The entire course of modern design, it can be argued, has been an experiment in making things with new materials or by altering the way we approach existing methods of material use. New materials, and new takes on materials, provide interesting new possibilities in construction and aesthetics that excite people and make them take notice of good design. Check out some of our new designs below that focus on their materiality. These cool, contemporary furniture designs will have you interested in things you may have thought were mundane, but now seem fresh and compelling under new light.

Sliced Teak + Glass

Chava Modern Coffee Table + Side Table
Chava Coffee Table
Chava Side Table + Stool

Raw Douglas Fir + Galvanized Metal

Kaan Modern Industrial Mobile Island
Kaan Mobile Island

Tiled Cowhide

Olaf Modern Tiled Cowhide Rug
Olaf Rug

Glass Shell + Walnut Case

Saxon Contemporary Occasional Tables
Saxon Coffee Table
Saxon End Table

Gold Metal + Clear Acrylic

Selig Modern Side Chair
Seilg Side Chair

Encased Reclaimed Teak + Crushed Glass

Filbert Modern Nesting Tables
Filbert Nesting Tables

Collaged Reclaimed Teak

Calogera Modern Coffee TableCalogera Modern Coffee Table Top
Calogera Coffee Table

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Synthetic Materials

Wood + Metal

Exposed Wood

Glass + Metal

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