New Modern Furniture Designs From TemaHome

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Tons of high quality modern furniture is on sale now at

New designs from the Portuguese modern furniture company TemaHome are available now at

TemaHome - Modern, Modular, Amazing

TemaHome produces a collection of contemporary furniture and decorative accents that combine modern lines and award winning designs by some of the most respected Portuguese designers, such as Fernando Brízio and Filipe Alarcão. The attention to the design of each product that TemaHome and its staff provide results in timeless pieces that can fit into an endless variety of contexts. Many of their designs are modular, and can be expanded into modular storage furniture systems. Retailers around the world have used these modular systems to decorate, organize and anchor the interior designs of their brick + mortar stores.

New from TemaHome - The Helix Long Modern Coffee Table in Oak and Black The Helix Rectangle Coffee Table in Oak + Black is an essentially modern accent table with a lacquered steel base and a honeycomb panel top with Oak veneers. The Helix Rectangle Coffee Table has a dynamic feel that comes from the diagonal elements in its base.

The Move TV Stand in White and Walnut from TemaHome is available now at The Move TV Stand in White + Walnut has a matte white and natural Walnut veneer finish. It features panels made of honeycomb inlay framed with chipboard and encased in an MDF shell that is veneered, which reduces weight but increases durability and strength. The Move TV Stand has a movable top that can slide and swing out, allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of space occupied by the unit.

The Gutta Modern Coffee Table is a one-of-a-kind design The Gutta Coffee Table is a modern abstraction of the coffee table into volumes and planes. It has a base of six volumetric boxes made of 16mm black MDF panels painted white on their tops and bottoms. The two tall boxes at the base protrude through the glass and support the top. The Gutta Coffee Table is as much a sculpture for your living room as it is a functional modern coffee table with built-in storage.

The Opal Accent Tables are unique, light and airy designs that play tricks on the eye. The Opal Accent Tables are angular accent tables that use differing wedge shapes for base and top to create an interesting perspectival illusion. These modern accent table have an Oak veneer top and sea green lacquered steel legs. The Opal Accent Tables are unique and capture the imagination. They will make a fun addition to contemporary themed living spaces.

The Sigma Coffee Table has a space removed from its top for a plant or accessory. The Sigma White Coffee Table is a unique minimalist style accent table with a square opening in the top for storage or a decorative accent. It has a white marble top and black lacquered steel legs. The Sigma Coffee Table is both essentially modern and uniquely conceived. It is perfect for modern style living spaces and reception areas.

The Valsa Bookcase has a staggered front, which creates a wave effect. The Valsa 88" Bookcase has a wavy profile, created by a staggered depth front, that brings a pleasing rhythm to the space it inhabits. It has a matte white finish and the strength to hold a total of 434 lbs of books. The Valsa Bookcase will be a valuable and stylish addition to any modern living space, office or bedroom.

The Volga Walnut + Black Modern Desk is a smaller sized, stylish design. The Volga Walnut + Black Desk is a smaller sized desk perfect for kid's rooms, dorm rooms, nooks and small spaces. It has natural Walnut veneers with matte black as a second finish. Perfect for laptops, the Volga Walnut + Black Desk is built from lightweight + strong honeycomb panels, and is approved for commercial use.

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