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Modern Furniture Buying + Design Guides

We are more than an online furniture retailer - we are a resource for anyone crafting an interior design, and we want to help make your project the best it can be. We encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a partner in your interior design undertaking. We also proudly present our expanding selection of buying + design guides below. Use them to help you shape and achieve your vision of a beautiful design for your space. They will be the practical help you need to accomplish the impractical task of aesthetic enterprise. If you would like to request a buying guide be made to help clarify something about contemporary furniture or modern interior design, email your request to

Sizing Modern Beds
Mattress Foundation Guide
Sizing Modern Dining Tables
Modern Lamp Terminology
Sizing Modern Area Rugs
Modern Stool Heights
Modern Desk Types
Modern Ergonomic Furniture
Modern Furniture Fabric Upholstery Guide
Modern Furniture Product Care + Cleaning Codes Guide
Modern Furniture Upholstery Types Guide
Measuring for New Modern Furniture
Caring For Your Modern Furnitures's Loose Cushions

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