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Modern Bed Sizes Guide

Use the graphic below to size your bed and layout your bedroom. These are the industry standard sizes for mattresses, so the dimensions of your bed will begin at the outer envelope of the dimensions shown and protrude out the dimensional depth of the bed frame material. Remember: before you buy furniture - measure the room it is going in, obtain the dimensions of the furniture you are considering, and make a scale drawing for the layout to make sure everything will fit the way you want and leave the space you desire.

Twin Sized Beds
Full Sized Beds
Queen Sized Beds
King Sized Beds
California King Sized Beds

Standard Mattress Sizes

Exact mattress sizes depend on manufacturer and may differ slightly from dimensions shown. The dotted lines represent the size of the next smallest mattress.

Twin Mattresses

Aside from cribs, twin beds are the smallest size available, and are made for children and those living in homes where space is at an absolute premium. The twin size mattress is 75" long which is too short for most adults. Some places offer variations of the twin size mattress which extends the length for adults who want to save space. These are popular in college dorms and efficiencies.

Full Mattresses

Full size mattresses are about 15" wider than twin size mattresses, but still only 75" long. They are recommended for single sleepers five and a half feet tall and shorter. Full size beds are popular for pre-teen bedrooms, where a little extra bed goes a long way for the kid's comfort.

Queen Mattresses

Queen size mattresses are the smallest possible to be shared by two. At 60" wide, they still only provide 30" of width per sleeper if they are shared. More often than being shared, queen sized beds are used by single sleepers who are larger or taller than those who can fit on a full size bed. They are also often used in guest bedrooms to provide just enough room for two guests to sleep, or for one guest to have plenty of room overnight.

King Mattresses

King mattresses are almost the width of two twin beds pushed together. They are the optimal size for two sharing a bed. Their width makes them take up quite a bit of floor space. If you are planning on putting a king size bed in your bedroom, make extra sure you have the space for it. Measure the room and use the dimensions provided above to figure out how much of the available space the bed will take up. Remember that you will probably want to have nightstands and maybe even a bench at the foot of the bed - so be sure to account for these as well when planning the layout of your bedroom.

California King Mattresses

California King mattresses are 4 inches longer than king mattresses, but also 4 inches thinner. They are best for taller, thinner adults looking to share a bed, or for trying to fit the bed into a thinner space. Use a California King bed as a useful alternative to the King size mattress depending on the demands created by your physical makeup and the available space you have to place the bed.

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