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Modern Stool Height + Type Guide

Use the graphic below to help you with selecting stools. When selecting stools, leave about 12" of space between the seat height and the bottom of the table or bar surface. This will give your guests the opportunity for maximum comfort.

Chair Height Stools Counter Height Stools Bar Height Stools Adjustable Height Stools Spectator Height Stools


In addition to their height, several other factors should be considered when shopping for stools. The features of a stool will greatly impact their performance per situation. For example, swivel stools can be great when there is plenty of room for them, and a disaster when they are cramped too closely together. Also, some people will never be comfortable in a backless stool, while others are only comfortable without a backrest. For counter height stools and above, be sure to consider footrests. Will shorter stool users be able to rest their feet, or will they be left dangling in the air? Finally, height adjustability can be great if you plan on moving stools from one location to another depending on the occasion. If you plan on moving stools from one counter surface to another, measure their heights. If they are far enough apart, you will definitely want an adjustable height stool. Also, height adjustability allows for short patrons and tall patrons to feel comfortable in the same type of stool at the same table surface


As with any other furniture you are considering buying, consider the materials used to make the stool. Will they fit in the space you want? Are they going to hold up to the amount of use you imagine for the stools? If they are outdoor stools, will the material develop a patina over time?