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Will it Fit? Measuring for Modern Furniture

How to ensure a proper fit before purchasing modern furniture online.

There are just a few easy steps involved in making sure the furniture you are interested in fits your space properly.

Measure the Space

First, measure the space the item will go in - starting with the entire room, then, if applicable, the portion of the room the piece will go in. Get a good idea of the actual size of the space - never rely on your best guess as to how large the space is. Next, take a look at the dimensions of the piece you are interested in. Ask yourself: Will it make sense putting something this size in this space?

Make a Place Holder

Second, based on the dimensions of the item you are interested in, create some kind of place holder, or "dummy piece" that will serve to mimic the volume of the furniture you are interested in and provide a sense of scale for the size of the piece within the space. For example: find a cardboard box that is a similar size, or cut out long sheets of butcher paper to the width and depth of the piece. Taping out the outline of the furniture on the floor with painter's tape can work as well. Place it in the room where you plan on putting the piece. Does it seem like that size of furniture will look great and fit well in the space?

Measure the Path

The third step is an often overlooked step, but critical to make sure you won't run into problems when receiving and installing your new furniture. Measure all the spaces and paths that you will need to take to place the furniture in its destination. Make sure that you will be able to fit the piece all the way through the path and into the space.

Measure Companion Pieces

Finally, measure all the other pieces of furniture that are meant to pair with the piece, if applicable. Example: If you plan on putting 4 counter stools around a counter table, first make sure the stools fit properly under the table and that both are actually counter height pieces (neither are meant for bar height). Then, measure the width of the stools or check their dimensions and make place holders. Will they actually fit around the table?

Following these steps will help ensure that you select the right sized piece for the spaces you have and the other furniture it will go with.

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