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Box Spring or Foundation: our Guide

Before today’s foam mattresses entered the scene, the box spring actually looked very different from its modern counterpart. Originally, it was a set of springs used below the mattress as its base. Referred to as bedsprings, they were made of bare sets of metal coils tied to a surrounding metal frame.

Their purpose was to help the firmer mattresses back then have a little ‘give’. This created a more comfortable feel and transformed to become wooden frames packed with springs.

As other materials and construction methods became popular for mattresses – like innerspring-style mattresses – a bedspring underneath became redundant: more and more box springs started using mostly wood frames. Today, with innerspring and foam mattresses being so prevalent, most mattresses don’t require a box spring at all.

In other words, that thing that you may call a box spring probably isn’t a box spring at all. In all likelihood what you really have (or need to purchase) is a “foundation”. A lot of people now actually have foundations, but they call them box springs because they may not know the difference.

What is a Foundation?

The mattress foundation takes the concept of the box spring and simply removes the springs. A foundation is great to add height to your mattress if your frame needs it, as well as providing the smooth and firm surface your bed needs to be comfortable. Most mattresses today have their own bounce and give, so springs aren’t required to get the pressure relief you need.

Most bed foundations are wooden frames with both horizontal and vertical support to provide an even surface. They usually come with a cover sewn over the wood to give it a more aesthetic appeal. They are often available in various heights (thickness) to ensure the overall height of the mattress is at the desired level.

Chances are good that you could easily use a bed foundation instead of a box spring if you were looking for an alternative. That’s especially true considering how most mattresses either have springs built into them or have their own internal support system making additional box spring springs no longer necessary.

Does a memory foam or innerspring mattress need a box spring?

In short: No. Memory foam mattresses might not have their own internal springs – but the foam is designed in such a way that it provides itself with its own support. A mattress foundation is probably more than enough support for an innerspring or memory foam mattress. With memory foam, you should be more concerned with creating a flat, even surface than unnecessarily supplementing the mattress with additional springs.

If you’re using an all-natural mattress, you may find that a set of box springs helps give your mattress a little extra bounce. If you’re using an innerspring or foam mattress, you could go with either a box spring or a foundation if your frame needs added height or doesn’t have enough support.

If you don’t have slats or a platform style bed, you’ll probably need to add a foundation to make sure your mattress isn’t sagging or unevenly supported.

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