EurSleep Luxury Mattresses

EurSleep Luxury Mattresses

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Luxury Ventilated Latex

EurSleep Luxury Latex Mattresses feature a 2" layer of open cell pure latex - ventilated for extra cool comfort - and engineered to naturally contour to your body's posture pressure points. It provides great support where you need it, and a plush feel. It's like sleeping on air.

Gel Infused Memory Foam

EurSleep Lux Mattresses feature a 1" top layer of cooling gel infused memory foam. This is quite different from normal memory foam and allow for greatly improved ventilation. EurSleep Luxury Latex Mattresses feature a 2" layer of gel infused memory foam to provide great body contouring.

Comfort and Support Foam

The foundation of EurSleep Mattresses is comfort foam, then high density support foam. This provides a lightweight and resilient structural base to the mattress. It also allows for easy packing and unpacking of the mattress.

CertiPurUS Certified

EurSleep Mattresses are certified to contain absolutely zero harmful chemicals and off gassing.

10 Year Limited Warranty

EurSleep Mattresses are covered by a 10 year limited warranty.

Check Dimensions + Box Spring Requirements

Before matching a bed frame to a mattress, remember to double-check the dimensions of both to make sure they will fit with one another, and make sure that you are clear about whether or not a box spring will be required for the bed frame you are considering.

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