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Modern Outdoor Accents

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Gus* Modern Fruit Trough
16-Gauge Steel
Price: $115.00
Usually ships in 8-12 business days (Read More)
Dharma Modern Fire Pit
Magnesium Oxide
Price: $998.00
Usually ships in 3-7 business days (Read More)
Hardy Modern Outdoor Fire Pit
Magnesium Oxide
Price: $1,058.00
Usually ships in 3-7 business days (Read More)
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Products 1-3 of 3

All Modern Outdoor Accents

Browse our selection of modern outdoor accents and complete your outdoor space's design with style and panache.

Don't Neglect Your Outdoor Spaces

People tend to focus on their interior's design scheme inside and their landscaping scheme outside, but outdoor furniture and accessories can play a huge role in creating the ambience you desire for your back yard, deck, patio or porch. Selecting and equipping the right outdoor accessories can be that final piece that brings the whole puzzle together. Make sure the piece you consider will flow with the rest of your scheme, and when in doubt go with your gut and buy the accessory that speaks to your sense of style.

Have Some Fun

Outdoor furniture and accessories don't always have to go by the same rigid standards as indoor furniture and accessories, and as such, are an opportunity to have a little bit of fun and choose something a little less down the middle. Your outdoor spaces are usually meant for leisure and social interaction, so inject some fun into them with one of our modern outdoor accessories.