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Modern TV Stands - Mirandan Gray Media Stand
High Gloss + Stainless Steel
Price: $398.00-$489.00

Move White + Walnut Contemporary Adjustable TV Stand by TemaHome
Veneered Honeycomb Panels
Price: $416.00

Modern Entertainment Centers - Derby White TV Stand
White Finish
Price: $239.00

Media Cabients - Montreal Modern TV Stand
Stained Rubber Wood
Price: $319.00

Quebec TV Stand
Black Finish
Price: $329.00

Maguire White Modern TV Stand
Wood + Glass
Price: $879.00

Leclair Modern White TV Stand
High Gloss + Dark Oak
Price: $799.00

Linea Modern TV Stand
Walnut Finish
Price: $598.00

Trevor Modern Glossy Black TV Stand
Glossy Lacquer + Glass
Price: $389.00

Linea Modern Wide TV Stand
Walnut Finish
Price: $918.00

Anderson Modern 95 Inch Walnut Media Stand
Walnut + Gray Lacquer
Price: $898.00

Trevor Modern Glossy White TV Stand
Glossy Lacquer + Glass
Price: $389.00

Lanier Modern Cabinet
Solid Fir + MDF
Price: $958.00

Move White + Ply Modern TV Stand
Veneered Honeycomb Panels
Price: $416.00

Move Contemporary TV Stand by TemaHome
Matte Lacquer + Veneer
Price: $416.00

Dann Wide Modern Sideboard in Oak + White + Gray
Lacquered Steel + Veneers
Price: $1,062.00

BDI Tanami White Sculpted Panel Modern Storage Credenza + Media Stand
$2,624.00 Sale
Price: $2,264.00

Hays Modern Sideboard / TV Stand
Dark Walnut
Price: $1,329.00

Corridor TV Stand by BDI in Chocolate Walnut
$2,424.00 Sale
Price: $2,019.00

Banfield Matte White Contemporary European Modern TV Stand + Cabinet
MDF + Lacquer
Price: $546.00

Magnus Modern TV Stand
Bent Wood + Glass
Price: $416.00

Il Duce White + Metal + Glass Contemporary Entertainment Center
$2,100.00 Sale
Price: $1,890.00

Corridor Chocolate Low Contemporary TV Stand by BDI
Dark Stained Walnut
Price: $2,424.00

Mercury Modern Black + Ceramic Glass Sideboard
Steel, Wood + Ceramic Glass
Price: $1,398.00

Cruz Contemporary TV Stand by TemaHome
Matte Lacquer + Veneer
Price: $542.00

Josh Contemporary Dark Taupe TV Stand w/ Storage Drawers
Laminate + Metal
Price: $489.00

Josh Modern White TV Stand w/ Storage Drawers
Laminate + Metal
Price: $489.00

Corridor Wide TV Stand by BDI
$2,624.00 Sale
Price: $2,264.00

Lasso Modern Entertainment Center + Wall Shelf
$749.00 Sale
Price: $399.00

Julius Modern Walnut TV Stand
Walnut + Polished Steel
Price: $919.00

Mirage A/V Cabinet by BDI
$1,199.00 Sale
Price: $1,034.00

Manon modern tv stand
White + Walnut
Price: $630.00

Eastwood White Lacquer + Glass Modern Adjustable Entertainment Center
$1,179.00 Sale
Price: $1,061.00

Tiamat Modern TV Bench
Solid Acacia Wood
Price: $189.00

Brady Modern White Media Stand
White Lacquer + Metal
Price: $797.00

Nora Slim Contemporary TV Stand by BDI
More Colors
$2,129.00 Sale
Price: $1,832.00

Gus* Modern Myles Satin Black Oak + Rose Gold Metal Media Stand
Wood + Steel
Price: $1,450.00

Dann Wide Oak + White Modern Sideboard
Lacquered Steel + Veneers
Price: $1,062.00

Anderson Modern 71 Inch Walnut Media Stand
Walnut + Gray Lacquer
Price: $797.00

BDI Sweep White Modern TV Stand
$2,304.00 Sale
Price: $1,917.00

Corridor Oak Corner Contemporary TV Stand by BDI
White Oak Finish
Price: $1,999.00

Corridor Chocolate Contemporary A/V Cabinet by BDI
$1,999.00 Sale
Price: $1,722.00

Dixie Walnut + Black Modern TV Stand
Lacquered Steel + Veneers
Price: $476.00

Dann Oak + White + Black Contemporary Sideboard by TemaHome
Veneer + Lacquer
Price: $752.00

Cruz Contemporary Media Stand by TemaHome
Matte Lacquer + Veneer
Price: $792.00

Cavo Wide TV Stand in Graphite
More Colors
$1,749.00 Sale
Price: $1,459.00

BDi Corridor Wide Modern TV Stand in Charcoal Stained Ash with Powder Coated Steel Base
$2,624.00 Sale
Price: $2,264.00

Banfield Walnut Modern TV Stand
MDF + Veneer
Price: $546.00

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Products 1-54 of 147

A Wide Modern Selection

Shop our unique selection of modern TV stands and modern audio/video units and you'll find media shelving, entertainment centers and flat panel TV stands at affordable prices. Display your new LED TV on one of our modern TV stands with a built-in mount, or place a modern entertainment center in your living space to show off your favorite accents, books and house your A/V equipment all in one. We have a unique selection of media shelving to store collections of DVDs, CDs and keep gaming equipment neatly out of view. Whether you're seeking sleek metal and glass, or rich stained woods, has a modern TV stand perfect for your space.

Do Your TV Justice

While most people do their homework when it comes to buying their television, they all too often skip it when they buy their TV stand, A/V cabinet or TV mount. Keep in mind that the way your television impacts the interior design of your home has as much to do with these furnishings as it does with the television itself. So, when picking a modern TV stand or entertainment center, take your time to make sure you get the right one for your TV room.

What To Consider

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your television will physically fit with your chosen TV stand. If it is a sideboard style TV stand, make sure it is wide and deep enough to hold the television and that its top surface will support of your television. If it is a mounting style TV stand, you need to make sure that the mount and mounting hardware will be compatible with your television.

Second, consider the size and scale of the TV stand. Will it fit into your space the way you would like it to, or will it be so large that it looks crammed into the space, or alternatively, so small that it looks dwarfed by the expanse of space around it?

Next, consider the finishes and materials of the stand. Will they blend, clash, or complement the room they go in? And which result do you desire?

Finally, be sure to understand the features of the TV stand you are considering. Will it store all the media you would like to store in it? Will you be able to manage the wires of your devices the way you want to with this stand? Will the TV stand you are considering allow for ventilation of your equipment? With entertainment furniture, individual features become more important.

We Are Here To Help

As always, if you need some extra information or are unclear about the specifics of a certain product, be sure to Contact Us and we will help you sort out the details.

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