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Sequel 20 Lift Desk Keyboard Tray by BDI in Natural Walnut
by BDI

Price: $219.00

Price: $219.00
4 weeks
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What's New In Accessories

Accessorize away with our new modern home and office accessories. From contemporary rugs, clocks, wall art, vases, bowls and outdoor accents, Eurway offers unique and fun ways to accessorize your home.

What Accessories Can Do For You

Accessories can be that small piece that brings an entire interior design composition together. Anyone who has decorated a new home likely knows how a rug can really tie a room together. So it is with other accents as well. Brightly colored accessories can make pieces within a space pop and drastically alter the overall atmosphere. With modern interiors, the details can often become the main source of quality for a composition. Contemporary designers spend a lot of time pouring over the accessories they specify to make sure they all work together to move the design in the direction they desire.

What We Can Do For Your Accessories

Eurway Modern Furniture is your resource as you make these considerations. Never hesitate to Contact Us and ask our opinions matching the perfect modern furniture and modern accessories together into the right design for your taste and needs.

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